“There is one reason why I like Rockbrook Montessori Academy more than any other daycare: The teachers at Rockbrook don’t just tell you they care, they actually do. If I have a request, even if it’s an ‘over protective first time mother’ one I’m still taken seriously. Rockbrook will move mountains so every parent will feel confident leaving their child with them. Not many daycares are ready to adjust a yearlong routine just to make their kids and parents happy – but Rockbrook is. Oh and the obvious reason of course – my son LOVES going to Rockbrook.
I don’t need more proof than that – Rockbrook rocks!”Inka Nisinbaum (MS Psychology)

“This is Tarini’s mom who graduated last year from Rockbrook and I want to take the time to write to you that how great a job your school has done.

I mean I used to have my share of complaints at that time, but after sending my 2nd one to a different school and Tarini to public school, I really understood the amazing job you guys have done with the diet that’s given, the syllabus that is taught and great enforcement of rules. I recall one day I accidentally put cashews in a rice that I had given Tarini and I got a call from the Teacher right away stating it can’t be given to her. To keep track of these things on a daily basis for a ton of kids who go to your school is not easy. Also every kid was given equal attention and the way kids were potty trained, I think Tarni got trained in a week or so when she was just 2 yrs old.

I wish I could put my 2nd one there, but the distance is keeping me away. Its just a bit too far for convenience.

Keep up the good work.”Gayathri

“Our experience at Rockbrook Montessori Academy has always been delightful. Our three girls have been the happiest while going here. The development of social skills and overall learning has been fantastic. The teachers and staff are always delightful and helpful. If our family has ever felt the need for additional support with one of our girls, the staff at Rockbrook Montessori has always made itself available like extended family. We would recommend Rockbrook Montessori academy to any family looking for a school for young children.”Hector Estrada

“My son Aayush has been going to Rockbrook for the past two months. We are new to Dallas and initially had challenge selecting the best school for our child. We visited a number of schools before finalizing our decision to choose Rockbrook. I was attracted to Rockbrook because of the friendly staff, extremely clean environment, disciplined, focused yet a free learning environment where my child can grow and discover himself/ know his strengths and limitations. Apart from academia, the school does offer resources to keep your child engaged in extra-curricular activities such as music, soccer, etc. Aayush is eager to wake up in the morning and say YES to go to school. He loves his teachers and so do they. In my opinion, Rockbrook is a great place to provide a creative learning environment for your child to grow.”Mugdha Deo

“Words cannot express the gratitude my husband, I and my family have for the teachers and staff employed at Rockbrook Montessori Academy located in Valley Ranch, TX. They have been a valuable part of our family for almost 5 years now.

Prior to joining Rockbrook, our son used to attend a different daycare facility since age 13 months. He was 3.5 years old when we switched over to Rockbrook. Within weeks, our son showed great improvements in his social skills and his interest in reading, writing, and math also grew. He would want to attend school even on weekends! We could tell how happy he (finally!) was to go to ‘school’. Now, our daughter also attends Rockbrook and she loves it with all her heart. Her teachers care for her like she was their child and motivate her to do better. Both our children are enrolled in the after school care program and get to participate in different recreational classes the school offers. All of our children’s teachers have become part of our family and dinner conversations J

My family and I appreciate the staff at Rockbrook Montessori Academy for the way they have cared for our children. We trust them whole heartedly and they are a joy to know and talk to. As working parents, we are truly delighted and thankful to have found Rockbrook Montessori Academy care for our children.”The Nathans

“Having my 3 boys at Rockbrook Montessori Academy was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our kids. Having moved into the area in the last couple of years, this was our first experience with the Montessori system. Skeptical at first, the director back then took the time to give us information on what the Montessori system was about and one of the owners offered to let us give it a try for a week and see how we liked it at no charge. These small but meaningful things make us love Rockbrook and the staff. Also, the Director and Assistant Director are just phenomenal, helpful and so accommodating. The owners have a genuine care for the families who have kids at the school. This is so refreshing and puts us at ease as 2 working parents, knowing that the school has our kids best interest at heart. It is a true partnership.”Christiane Lau