At Rockbrook Montessori Academy, our vision is to prepare children for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning through a high quality education. By providing a nurturing, encouraging, and unhurried learning environment, Rockbrook develops each child’s personal identity and academic ability.

At Rockbrook, we deeply adhere to Maria Montessori’s philosophy that education should be child-centered, viewing the child holistically. At our school, children are able to develop and expand their knowledge of academic subjects such as language, mathematics, geography, and science in a supportive environment. We also give importance to the psychological, cognitive, and social development of the child as we promote character development and help foster a sense of community.

Children are encouraged to develop all aspects of their identity to become responsible citizens, Knowledgeable in a variety of subjects. Rockbrook Montessori Academy students graduates with a high level of confidence and social competence, these fundamental strengths aid them on their road to success in higher education and help them make a positive impact in the global community.

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