Spanish Program

The Spanish program at Rockbrook Montessori introduces children to the fundamentals of the Spanish language by using words and phrases utilized in everyday life. Children are open to learn a new language at an early age and the Spanish program seeks to inspire students through active learning. A variety of songs and games from Spanish-speaking countries as well as Spanish versions of more familiar activities are utilized during class to expose children to the new language and develop their ability to listen and understand new sounds, words, and meanings. New elements are introduced every week based on themes like numbers, animals, colors, parts of the body, family members, greetings, etc. At the end of the program, children are able to understand simple sentences and have learned basic age appropriate Spanish words and songs.

Music Program

Ms. Jennifer, our in-house music teacher, teaches an early introduction of music through movement, instruments, singing, and listening. She uses an assortment of music (mainly classical and children’s songs) to achieve this purpose. Our children develop a love of music and participate in it in their entire life.

Physical Activities

A full-time physical activity teacher conducts activities to assist the development of children in physical fitness. By keeping it fresh and new each week, children stay interested and active. Through innovative techniques, our teacher introduces and reinforces large and fine motor skills, hand and foot-eye coordination, stretching, and the fundamentals of sports. One of the main objectives the physical activity taught at our school is to build confidence and self-esteem in a non-competitive atmosphere. Our teacher instructs a class with constant praise, positive feedback, and encouragement.

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