Our Mission

Rockbrook Montessori’s mission is to provide a unique learning environment for children. We encourage a well-rounded education, developing character as well as teaching academic expertise.

Children are allowed to learn at their own pace by pursuing what they wish with the help and encouragement from our highly experienced and Montessori-trained teachers. Our small class sizes and individualize attention allows them to grow and learn according to their needs. They are taught an understanding of cultural diversity through a multi-cultural setting that represents different languages, foods, music, etc. and respects and celebrates our unique differences. Children get to experience an abundance of extra-curricular activities, such as art, dance, and music, in order to give them exposure all of their different interests. It is our hope that our love of teaching and your child’s love of learning will cumulate into a well-rounded and holistic education.

It is Rockbrook’s goal to give your child everything he or she deserves and to provide all that we can in order to prepare them for a successful future through our unique environment and way of teaching.